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Our products are listed out according to the industries we serve. Should you not find a particular alloy you need, please enquire. We are here to help you and remember, we like a challenge.

                                                                                                Vanadium    Molybdenum    Niobium    Tantalum    Chromium  
 Al matrix alloy for Titanium Industry                                                  x                                                                      x
 Ni / Co matrix alloy for the Super-Alloys Industry                                 x                 x                  x               x               x                                
 Fe matrix alloy for the steel Industry                                                  x                 x                  x                                x           
 High purity metals (and alloys) for coatings applications                       x                 x                  x               x               x             
 Alloyed with other reactive metals                                                      x                 x                 x               x                x           

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